Web Sites & Applications

We can make web applications from small static presentations to large scale ones according to W3S standards. The technology we use: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript XHTML. We have long time expirience with web sites creation, you can trust us. www.m2hosting.cz

Content Management System

Thanks to our customers' demand we were lucky to make our own simple, fast and secure CMS - M2core which helps through trouble-free web sites editing. M2core can be used by anyone. Handling with our CMS is pretty quick, intuitive and easy, similar to MS Word text processor. M2core is ready to be upgraded in order to suit your needs. www.m2core.cz

Search Engine Optimalization

The main reason why to embed SEO to your websites is to increase the number of visitors via Internet Browsers without need of paying for them. Thanks to the proper Key Words and text structure on the web it is possible to let the browsers store these data in their databases and achieve the leading, more visible position in Internet Search. The more sites with the same topic are on Internet, the more difficult is to get to the top, however we won't be satisfied until there is your web site.

PPC Advertisements, Marketing

Arranging and managing Pay Per Click adverts through Google, Facebook, YouTube and others is not problem for us. If you want improve your Facebook page and add your own application in there, we can help.

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